CompassMSP Presents: Ransomware - A Deeper Dive Webinar

Ransomware is constantly in the news, but do you know what it is, why it's so prevalent and which actions you can take to keep yourself and your organization safer?

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Whether you spend your day running a multi-million-dollar organization, creating spreadsheets, or sending sales emails, every person at any level of an organization can be a target. 

Join CompassMSP Trainer, Sonya Goulet, and Marketing Consultant, Gael Tannenbaum for this free webinar. You will learn:

    • What Ransomware is
    • Why it is on the rise
    • The costs of a ransomware attack
    • How to create layers of protection for you and your organization 
    • What to expect from your technology provider
    • How the government and local authorities can help

Don’t miss this helpful information that may just save your organization. Register for this free hour-long webinar today and share it with members of your team! 

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