CompassMSP Presents: Microsoft Outlook- Beyond the Basics

There's a lot more to Microsoft Outlook than meets the eye!

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Microsoft Outlook is a great tool for checking and reading email, but there's another side to Outlook you may have overlooked. In this webinar, we'll unlock the tools to leverage Outlook's advanced features and take your email organization and management to the next level.

If you already know the basics of MS Outlook and want to learn more advanced Outlook skills, this is the webinar for you.

During this webinar, you will learn how to:
•  Manage your emails better with cleanup options and 'quick steps'
•  Use helpful email options like delayed delivery, tracking, and sensitivity level
•  Take advantage of advanced search functionality
•  Create text snippets that you can use again and again
•  Set up and use rules for incoming email

You'll even get a handout that walks you through all the lessons plus a lot more! Don’t miss this helpful information.

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