IT Solutions for Medical Practices

When unreliable technology interferes with your staff’s level of care, we understand that it’s an emergency. Let us handle your IT, so your team can focus on making a real difference in their patients’ lives.

The patients are your priority. Hire our highly-skilled team to manage your Healthcare IT for reliable functionality.


  • A complete evaluation of your current practices and protocols
  • Analysis of your current compliance and where the holes are
  • Guidance on establishing and maintaining compliance, even as regulations change
  • A partner in implementing and procuring best practices in data compliance and security

Effective and Secure Healthcare IT Services Aligned with the Level of Care Your Medical Practice Offers

Partnering with healthcare providers of all types and sizes, we implement necessary accessibility and safeguards to protect patient data and satisfy HIPAA regulations. Our understanding of the industry allows us to create practical security guidelines that save time, frustrations, and money.

Before IT becomes an emergency at your facility, explore our healthcare IT services.

medical it services

“Pagers are still used as a communication tool in nearly 80% of hospitals”

– Journal of Hospital Medicine

Is technology holding your organization back from growing? 

CompassMSP ensures technology runs efficiently at medical practices across the U.S. 

If it’s time to upgrade your technology, we can provide customized, modern solutions that match your staff’s workflows. Reduce their time spent rebooting, troubleshooting, and taking extra steps to log patient information.

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