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Financial IT Services

Leading Managed IT and Cybersecurity for Financial Firms

IT Solutions for Financial Service Providers

Financial organizations come in all shapes and sizes from individual CPAs to wealth management and  investment advisors. Each of their IT needs are different. 
CompassMSP's expert team ensures that you have the perfect technology solutions for your needs and budget, including infrastructure, cybersecurity, compliance services, and support. In the finance sector, security is vital. We prioritize compliance and employ top-notch cybersecurity measures to protect your reputation to gain client trust.


  • Technology Optimization

    Stay ahead of the curve by utilizing innovative technology solutions designed for the unique demands of financial service providers. From streamlining processes to optimizing client interactions, our experts ensure your technology stack aligns perfectly with your business objectives.
  • Regulatory compliance

    Our qualified specialists will work with your business to review all your processes against regulatory guidelines and applicable laws, providing guidance to bring your organization into full compliance. We’ll stay on top of regulations, even as the laws change. That means you can focus on running your business.
  • Data security

    Protecting sensitive financial information is paramount. With proactive monitoring and rapid response capabilities, we mitigate risks and safeguard your business from potential breaches. We offer a full cybersecurity platform to prevent and respond to cyber threats. Protect your business from risk with 360-degree protection.
  • Client satisfaction

    Deliver a seamless and personalized experience to your clients with advanced technology solutions. Real-time data connections, reliable security, and easy-to-restore backups are essential to conducting modern business. Win customers with your technology capabilities.

The CompassMSP Journey

We partner with you to implement IT solutions and strategies that help you reach your business goals. With our proven process, we get to know your business and then select the right IT and cybersecurity services to best fit your needs. Here’s how we do it:


The Discovery consultation

Where do you want your organization to be? What are your goals and what are the challenges that are holding your business back? First, we discover where you and your business are in relation to where you want to be. Only then can we begin to understand how to attain success.


IT Roadmap design

Here we align your budgets with your vision to create the right set of tools that bridge the gap while elevating your business to the next level. Your roadmap will show you the system you need to simplify your work and expand your possibilities



Here, we outfit your organization with the tools you need to turn your ideas into reality. We implement new processes and best practices, so you're comfortable with your system and ready to maximize your investments.


Ongoing support

Communication and support are key to long-term success. Our continuous improvement process and ongoing support eliminate common day-to-day frustrations and empower your team to be more productive. Nothing falls through the cracks because CompassMSP is always behind you.

I looked at nearly “a million” MSPs and asked other business owners I know. CompassMSP did not sell hard but conveyed how they would partner with us. Our experience has been that the value exceeds the price. What we’re getting is above and beyond – we’re getting the support we expected, and more.
Chief Operating Officer

Financial Services Company, Philadelphia

We have been a customer of CompassMSP for over 13 years. They have always provided exceptional customer service and IT solutions for our growing business. We trust in CompassMSP’s ability to manage the IT needs of our business and would highly recommend them.
VP of Administration

Healthcare, Miami

I don’t have to worry about IT. When I call, I know CompassMSP will come through with flying colors. I know they care. They respond fast. They see things all the way through. They care.

Manufacturer of High Precision Components, Chicago

It’s been a lifesaver to have CompassMSP. I am very happy. Any roadblocks are dealt with right away. You have a happy customer here. I’m happy, the attorneys are happy, and everyone’s getting their work done.
Firm Administrator

Attorneys at Law Offices, Miami

Our Locations

We serve growing small to mid-sized businesses with office locations throughout the East Coast and Midwest, in Connecticut, New York, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Illinois. We offer best-of-class IT services designed to fit your needs. Find out how CompassMSP can boost your operations, improve your security, and more with our comprehensive IT managed, co-managed, and cybersecurity and compliance services.

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