Comprehensive IT solutions
for law firms

Technology exists to leverage your time and expertise so that you can deliver better results to your clients at a lower cost, without the risk and inefficiency associated with antiquated, unsupported systems. Let our experienced, certified legal technology experts show you how you can use modern, cost-effective solutions to deliver wins for your clients from any device, anywhere, at any time. With 25 years’ experience serving more than 200 law firms around the country, we know exactly how your lawyers, paralegals, and staff work, and where we can use technology to free them to be their best.

From air-tight security to the right practice management software we can optimize the investment that you make in your team. We know that not every firm has the same needs. No matter your practice area, we have experience with firms like yours and know which technologies will pay off – and which won’t!


“20% of telecommuting lawyers work from a public internet connection.”

-American Bar Association


“44% of law firms use file encryption.”

-American Bar Association


“Only 31% of law firms have an incident response plan in place.”

-American Bar Association


“39% of law firms report that they do not know whether their firms have cyber liability insurance.”

-American Bar Association

“Lawyers are also increasingly relying on offsite backups or the cloud to secure their law firm’s data, with 59% reporting that their firms backup up their data on servers located offsite.”


Safeguarding Your
Client’s Data

Security has never been more important, and CompassMSP has you covered.

When your IT isn’t available — it’s a catastrophe.

For law firms, being “down” isn’t an option. That means your IT has to be up 24/7, because you and your team work at all hours. Only a truly experienced IT partner that has worked with law firms for years can understand how important that is.

CompassMSP works around-the-clock so that your legal staff can service clients and bill their time without interruption.

Our specialized Managed IT
Services for Law Firms

  • Proven Legal IT Solutions
  • Certified Outsourced Legal CIOs, Legal IT Project Managers, and Legal Technical Consultants
  • Legal IT Strategy and Planning Services Document Management Systems Support
  • Time & Billing Systems Support
  • eDiscovery and Litigation Support
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning services
  • Security Solutions

Why Firms Choose CompassMSP

The Right Model

The Right Model

Only CompassMSP works like a true IT department, bringing you a team of experts to provide specific services, including help desk, network administration, security and monitoring, and strategic consulting.

The Right People

The Right People

Our team has served law firms for more than 25 years and includes many IT directors, software trainers, eDiscovery experts, and others with experience working as employees of law firms. We understand what you do and how you do it, and we have experienced the pressures of a law firm environment first hand.

The Right Price

The Right Price

Our fixed-fee model allows you to budget confidently while saving you from the hassle and expense of hiring and retaining a directly employed IT team.

IT Partner

You need an IT partner that understand your needs

Your law firm shouldn’t have to deal with limited technology. You need to be able to work from anywhere at any time. At CompassMSP, we make sure technology empowers how you work without restrictions.

CompassMSP works around-the-clock to keep your IT systems online, ensuring business operations run smoothly and legal staff can bill their time without interruption.

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