CompassMSP Presents: Excel 101 - webinar

Are you or a member of your team just starting to use Microsoft Excel and need to learn more about using it effectively? 

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Microsoft Excel can be a great tool for storing data, performing calculations, and data analysis, but to a beginner, it can be intimidating.  We have put together this beginner's training on MS Excel for users who are either new to using it or for those who want to learn more about the basics of using it effectively.

Join CompassMSP Trainer JoLynn Rihn, and Marketing Consultant Gael Tannenbaum, for this free webinar.   You will learn:

· What is Microsoft Excel
· How to create an Excel spreadsheet
· Overview of working within Excel: rows, columns, cells
· Working with data in Excel
· How to perform calculations on data - create a formula
· Using AutoSum function

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