CompassMSP Presents: Excel - Beyond the Basics Webinar

If you’ve got Excel basics down pat and are looking for some additional ways to improve your Excel skillset – this is the webinar for you! 

Microsoft Excel is a great tool with so many features that can help you become more efficient and effective in your everyday tasks.
Join CompassMSP Trainer JoLynn Rihn, and Marketing Consultant, Gael Tannenbaum for this highly requested webinar, the follow-up to our Excel 101 event.
You will learn how to:
   - Manage worksheet data with freezing, sorting, filtering, and more
   - Create and use more advanced functionality, like ‘named ranges’
   - Get the hang of specialized functions like IFS, VLOOKUP, etc.
   - Use the Flash Fill function for quicker task completion
   - Create and modify charts for helpful data display
   - And so much more!

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