What Does Digital Transformation Mean for Your Business?

Digital Transformation is often used in the business world without a lot of context behind it.  If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that all companies need to be digital companies.  Companies that are leading in technology innovation and digital transformation achieve two times the revenue growth compared to their peers.  Imagine how your business would have fared in 2020 without the technology advancements from the past decade that we now take for granted!   

At Compass we’ve always been focused on ensuring our clients are leaders in technology.  Our purpose has never been to maintain the status quo, but rather to partner with our clients and encourage them to reach further with their technology. We know that technology can be harnessed to reach your business goals in new, effective ways while keeping you a step ahead of your competition.

Our mission:

To Help Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Realize a Competitive Advantage by Harnessing the Power of Technology to Reach their Business Goals

How has digital transformation looked through the years?

In 2006 we fully embraced virtualization and our clients began seeing immediate savings in hardware purchases and uptime versus their peers, allowing them to reinvest savings into growth.  This was a pre-cursor to our private cloud offering a few years later, which is hard to believe turns 12 years old in a few months.

In 2009 when we launched our private cloud offering. It wasn’t an easy task convincing clients and prospects to embrace a new paradigm in computing. Those that entrusted us saw huge benefits in uptime, anywhere/anytime accessibility, and built-in disaster recovery compared to on-premise systems.  Cloud is now ubiquitous –  it’s unusual to find a business that’s not using hybrid or full cloud environments now.

Fast forward to 2016 and we saw another shift beginning, this time in what was required to keep clients safe in an ever-present rise in ransomware and cyber-crimes. We embraced a pioneer in endpoint protection based on artificial intelligence to keep clients’ PC’s and servers safe. We began recommending multi-factor authentication for all remote access and applications wherever possible.

In late 2017 and early 2018, we partnered with leading security operations centers to further reduce the odds and minimize the impact of breaches for our security conscious and regulated clients. As baseline security needs continue to rise, along with the complete dependence on technology for all businesses, more and more focus is being placed on these topics in boardrooms and leadership level meetings everywhere.

If you’re still going through this security shift and have questions, please reach out to your Compass team and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs.  The security journey is one we’re all on and there’s no end in sight.

We’re looking forward to the next major shifts we see coming in technology.  Many software companies are embracing robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing which will make its way into the applications and services used and once again transform how businesses can gain an edge using technology.  It’s exciting to see these unfold and share our knowledge and passion in leading and serving our clients so they have a competitive edge.