Jacksonville: What is an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Jacksonville: What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

An MSP (Managed Service Provider) is an Information Technology provider that specializes in the on-going management of IT infrastructure such as: networking, security, applications, software, data backup & recovery, cloud services, and compliance.

A lot of businesses don’t have the resources or the departments to maintain and anticipate their business operations, which is where Managed Service Providers (MSPs) come in to save the day. Work is outsourced to MSPs from companies for a multitude of reasons, but primarily because outsourcing the work to an MSP is much more efficient and cost-effective than doing it in house. The primary reason businesses use MSPs is because of their expertise and their ability to do the on-demand work that is required. MSPs work on a subscription basis, as clients and businesses pay a monthly subscription to an MSP who in turn performs the on-demand services that are needed.

Business Cloud Services in Jacksonville

Outsourcing IT work has become popular especially since many small to medium-sized businesses are turning to the cloud for storage and computing. Some companies wrestle with whether they should migrate to the cloud or not. This is why many SMBs have turned to MSPs for guidance, as most of them offer cloud services. Though a lot of MSPs can have knowledge in other areas, most services provided are in the information technology sector. With the help of a Managed Service Provider, businesses can stay up to date with modern technologies in their respective industries. This type of outsourcing has become the go-to way of keeping up with technology.

As technology is keeping a lot of companies behind the times, every industry would greatly benefit from the help of an MSP. Compass MSP has helped companies in a vast number of industries leap over IT hurdles.

IT Support for Banking & the Financial Sector in Jacksonville

Over 70% of the banking industry is now digital, and as banking is a necessity for everybody, Compass MSP has worked in the banking sector for over 25 years, helping build secure online networks for customers and protecting their information.

With a liking for self-service options, customers expect your technology to work as smoothly as Amazon with a major bank’s personalization options. Real-time data connections, reliable security, and easy-to-restore backups are essential to conducting modern business.

Win customers with your technology capabilities.

Managed IT Service Provider for Healthcare in Jacksonville | HIPAA Compliant IT services for Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, & Small Practices

According to the Journal of Hospital Medicine, 80% of hospitals still use pagers for communication! Even though this is one of the most important industries, hospitals have been using outdated hardware for years. Compass MSP specializes in IT Services for Healthcare in Jacksonville, bringing the information technologies of hospitals up to date and ensuring the safeguards that are industry regulated are in place.

IT Services for Law Firms & Attorneys in Jacksonville

Compass MSP also specializes in Managed IT Services for law firms. With the vast amount of law firms on Compass MSP’s roster, the company has helped increase productivity and protect sensitive data, all while complying with different state laws nationwide. Compass MSP has a long track record of working with a multitude of specialized industries, delivering the unique systems and support that are specifically tailored to each specialization.

Why You Should Work With A Managed Service Provider

MSPs can help you determine what services would help your company function better day-to-day. Though hiring an MSP may sound like giving away technological control of your company, you always have complete ownership and oversee the whole operation, and the terms of service are always clearly laid out before signing on with a Managed Service Provider.

MSPs offer other services too, such as developing disaster recovery plans and even offering co-Managed Service Providers. A co-Managed Service Provider is similar to an MSP but works with a company’s existing in-house IT department to provide specialist advice, or to simply be used as an extra pair of hands-on deck.

MSPs are especially great for small businesses, as they can help struggling companies get to the next level of success. Most businesses calculate how to build their operations based on their systems, the number of employees, and the number of total man-hours that are put into the company, which generally keeps businesses from growing to their potential. Now with MSPs, your workflow will be a breeze, and you can achieve a lot more with a lot less.

There is a general lack of knowledge of the value an MSP can provide, take advantage, and get ahead of your competitors by enlisting the services of an MSP. Compass MSP clearly sets out the client’s goals and breaks down their objectives. They then identify how to consolidate work with a system that fits the budget. Compass MSP offers the support you can count on. Contact us for a free IT assessment.

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