Technology Planning for 2022

Four Technology-Related Questions to Ask Your Business for 2022

Before we know it, 2022 will be here. As you prepare for another (awesome) year of business, don’t forget about technology.

Having a strong technology foundation can help you stay aligned with your business goals and retain employees. (Don’t forget, “technology may be the missing piece your business needs to get the attention of young skilled workers and grow your talent pipeline.”) So, before you gaze into that crystal ball, make sure you’re prepared with at least the tech basics for whatever 2022 brings.

Here are four technology questions to consider as you make plans for 2022

1. Who is in charge?

Define an internal lead for all things technology-related. Medium and large companies often have this role well-defined, but small businesses sometimes forget how important having that go-to person can be. Employees need a single person to go to to discuss their technology wants and needs. Your IT staff (whether internal or external) needs a single point of contact for both long-term planning and quick decision-making.

2. What do we have right now?

Know your technology inventory! This will help you make better informed decisions. Identifying outdated items to replace can also improve productivity and having great tech in place can help attract and retain employees. For some of our CompassMSP clients, this technology management is included in your service contract. If you would like to know more, please reach out.

3. What will we need?

Plan for the future. This part can be overwhelming, but chances are you already have some idea of what’s on the radar for the coming year(s). Consider employee growth, new services, and departmental reorganization – what’s needed for each of those to be successful. Luckily, CompassMSP is here to support you in this process! Our Autopilot service includes technology planning to help you get the most out of your technology.

4. What’s our budget?

Developing a strong budget will guide you through the coming year, ready for the twists and turns. While it can be hard to say no to wants of key employees, your budget is the direct line to reality – what does your business need and what can it afford?

CompassMSP’s Autopilot service makes this easier with an all-in service costs, but planning for the future also means budgeting for those updates, upgrades, new machines, new systems, and more.

Preparing for a new year should be an exciting time to think ahead. Sure, there will be bumps in the road, cyber threats, business changes, and even a pandemic – but you’ll be ready. Working with technology partners like CompassMSP can support you through 2022 planning to ensure that the best technology gets put in place so that it can continue to drive your business’ success.

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