CompassMSP Annual Technology Plan for IT

Why You Need an Annual Technology Plan

An annual technology plan allows you to take a strategic approach to your IT needs. It assesses areas such as your network, hardware and software, databases, cybersecurity, and operating systems, to determine where improvements are needed.
video conferencing done right

Tips for Better Video Conferencing in 2022

Despite video conferencing becoming routine with work from home and remote opportunities, achieving better video conferencing can continue to challenge many of us. In this must read article, learn the helpful handful of basic tips and with a little effort, you will look your best during your next online meeting.

Cybersecurity Checklist: Vacation Edition

Hackers don't use PTO days. Before you catch that plane, put on your cybersecurity hat. To get you started, here is a cybersecurity checklist: vacation edition.
business downtime

The Cost of Downtime in Business

Downtime is costly for all businesses, but it can deliver a particularly noticeable blow to small and mid-sized businesses. And the costs of downtime continue to rise. Learn how to prevent it.
caught in a social Engineering attack

Social Engineering: Everything You Need to Know

What is one of the fastest-growing cyberthreats? Social engineering attacks. In today's post, we will look at four different types of social engineering attacks. Then, you’ll learn how to avoid falling victim to them.
Windows Shortcuts

Our Favorite Microsoft Windows Shortcuts

We’ve asked our incredible staff what shortcuts their favorites are. With help from our CEO, Ari Santiago, to our support techs, we compiled a list of some stellar Windows shortcuts.

Paul's Perspective - Mind The MFA & Why Multi-factor Authentication is Critical

It's important to educate your team on what MFA is protecting against in the first place, recognize the rise of this type of attack tactic on the MFA process, and ensure everyone minds their MFA.
how to spot a phishing email

How to Identify a Phishing Email (with 3 Examples)

Learn how to identify a phishing email and what to do once that phishing email is in your inbox.
Microsoft Teams search

How to Search (for Everything) in Microsoft Teams

Searching for chats in Microsoft Teams is straightforward. But like all Microsoft products, there's a lot of functionality jammed-packed into a single search bar.

Paul's Perspective - New Year, New Scams

As we see the complexity of fraudulent activity continue to escalate, remember that our team at CompassMSP are here to answer your questions and assist you in the tireless work of keeping your organization safe.