5 Reasons to Consider Managed VoIP

You’ve probably heard of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), but do you know why you should incorporate it into your business? With a properly integrated VoIP service, your business gets access to much more than an easier-to-use phone system. Below are some of the greatest benefits your business can get out of VoIP.

VoIP Explained 

As said above, VoIP is just a phone service delivered over the internet instead of by traditional phone lines. It enables your employees to communicate in many ways – whether it’s a fax, a telephone call, or a web conference – so long as they have an internet connection. 

Small and medium-sized businesses can save a lot of money with VoIP – savings range from 50% – 75% over traditional phone systems.

Still not sure if managed VoIP is for you? Here are the 5 features that grant your business awesome efficiency gains.

Remote Working

You can use VoIP wherever there’s internet access, meaning your employees are free to work flexibly. Moreover, you can easily transfer clients to another member of staff at the touch of a button – there’s no need for clients to hang up and try a different number. When your staff can take business calls from anywhere, you don’t need to worry about a client waiting for minutes to be attended to.

Managed VoIP services offer you this flexibility with the added reassurance that your provider will help to keep your internet up and running. 

Cost Efficiency

Managed VoIP offers many cost benefits to small businesses. There’s little to no hardware investment involved, and you pay a set, predictable fee each month. With managed VoIP services, your costs become predictable and easily planned for.

What’s more, research shows that businesses using VoIP can see up to a 75% reduction in operational costs, and a 30% reduction in their phone bills.

Multi-Channel Capabilities

VoIP is more than just a telephone system – it’s the integration of numerous communications services, including text messaging, voicemail, and conferencing. That is why it’s flexible enough to cover everything from a quick text exchange to international conference calls. 

The efficiency gains in VoIP really come from a software integration strategy, which can be a pretty complicated task to tackle. You can take the stress out of managing these integrated systems by partnering with an MSP. 

Dedicated Support

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your VoIP fails. Whether you lose your internet connection or the phones go down, a services provider can minimize your downtime and keep your business running. A good managed VoIP provider will offer 24/7 support, a dedicated specialist is available wherever you are, whenever you need them. 


When you partner with a managed VoIP provider, you’re able to expand your communications infrastructure as your business grows. MSPs can help you scale your telephony to suit your evolving business needs. You can seamlessly add and remove communications services and users with minimal downtime. An MSP can take you through the process from start to finish and ensure your staff knows how to work with your system. 

A Partner to Help You Find the Right VoIP Solution

Choosing the suitable solution for your business can be challenging and confusing. It’s important that you have the right implementation the first time. That’s why with CompassMSP as your managed service provider, we can help you discover the capabilities and benefits that managed VoIP can bring to your business.  Feel free to reach out today, we would love to answer any questions you might have.