4 benefits of augmenting your in-house IT team with managed services

If you have an in-house IT team, you likely appreciate the amazing work they do. In addition to completing the tasks outlined in their job role, they probably do extra work too. For example, you may task them with lending a hand when other members of your workforce are struggling.

Unfortunately, allowing your IT team to become an in-house helpdesk comes with its perils. When they’re feeling stretched, they’re less likely to perform well at their everyday jobs. If you’re yet to try augmenting your existing IT staff with managed services, here’s why you need to start.

Cut your staffing costs

The average salary for an IT professional in the United States is more than $84,000. When you consider additional factors such as healthcare and retirement plans, the cost of hiring each person is probably much higher. 

If there comes a time when you do need more IT resources, turning to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) will help you cut your staffing costs. Using IT services when you need them is likely to cost less than paying for a new team member. Additionally, the MSP is responsible for factors such as healthcare for its own employees, so you don’t need to worry about the bill.

Tap into expertise

Although your IT staff are talented people, they may not always have the expertise that you need. If the limitations of their expertise affect areas such as cybersecurity, you could expose your business to harmful threats.

For example, phishing is an area of cybersecurity that’s becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Around 1 in 25 branded emails is a phishing email and it isn’t unrealistic to expect that your employees may fall for one at some point. But if you use an expert from an MSP to educate them and strengthen your defenses against phishing, you’re less likely to face problems.

Scale with flexibility

There comes a time in most business owners’ lives when something unexpected will happen. For example, an existing member of your IT staff may fall unwell or they might quit. Or, you could find yourself facing a sudden loss of data or struggling to recover following a successful cyberattack.

Sometimes you will need to plan for big events too. Migrating to the cloud, trying a new form of software, and hiring new employees are all significant events that your existing IT team may not be able to handle. 

Whatever the circumstances are, you’ll need to make up for a lack of staff pretty swiftly. When you use managed IT services, you can scale quickly and flexibly. Your MSP will see you through those difficult periods, then step back when you no longer need them to take a hands-on approach.

Easy staff contracting

If you’ve ever been through a hiring process, you’ll know how time-consuming it is. In addition to advertising the position and interviewing potential candidates, you’ll need to screen them and then train them.

Using managed IT services is like an easy form of staff contracting. The MSPs have already done most of the work for you. You can hand-select the type of expertise you need and rest safe in the knowledge that your MSP will provide the right professional for the job. When you use managed IT services to augment your existing staff base, life becomes more efficient. Before choosing an MSP, make sure you reflect on the type of expertise you’re looking for.