IT Challenges Law Firms Face

3 Common IT Challenges Tampa Law Firms Face

At Compass MSP, our clients are at the centre of everything we do. Our unique approach to managing our clients’ IT aligns our goals with our client’s goals, to solve technical challenges while delivering in a timely manner.

With over 25 years of experience assisting law firms, nationwide, we know first hand the challenges and privacy concerns that legal firms are faced with. We provide industry-specific IT solutions for accessibility, security, and support to legal firms.

  1. Accessibility – Access your data anytime, regardless of your location
  2. Security – Protect your sensitive data and thereby the reputation you’ve painstakingly built for your firm.
  3. Support – Receive ongoing support to maintain productivity levels and plan for the future.

Everything we do at CompassMSP is tailored to our customer’s needs. We work with law firms of all sizes to maintain their compliance with the ever-evolving local, state, and federal laws. Our understanding of the industry allows us to create security guidelines saving you time, frustrations, and possible fines.

What Compass MSP Can Do For Your Tampa Legal Firm

Security Breaches

At Compass MSP we understand the sensitive nature of legal work and the necessity of ensuring data, systems and network security. Our goal is to help manage your technology reliably so you can concentrate on your clients and legal cases while maintaining the integrity of client information, case management strategies, and contract details. 

Security breaches are a thorn in the side for legal firms as these will negatively impact a firm’s credibility. With Compass MSP you can concentrate on your work while we monitor and maintain your firm’s resources and ensure you are running the latest security updates. We are alerted to any malicious activity or breaches to ensure your data is safe and protected at all times. 


We specialize in providing attorneys with the necessary tools to be as productive as possible. We recognize that attorneys need not be technology experts, however, they do need to be able to create, compare, edit, file and access their work easily and from anywhere, at any time.

Having the right tools and centrally managing devices are the stepping-stones to creating a secure and productive remote work environment. We will help you plan with a scalable solution that will reduce costs while improving network reliability, security and performance.  

Backup And Disaster Recovery

A good backup and disaster recovery plan is necessary to keep your law firm running efficiently at all times. Compass MSP provides the skills, experience, and attention to detail essential to developing a reliable BDR plan that guarantees recovery and continuity in possible disaster situations.  

Whether you want to improve network security or develop new applications to serve your clients better, our team at Compass MSP has the skills and experience to improve your IT infrastructure and business efficiency.

 We will work with you to develop a scalable, reliable solution that will give you the results you want now and in the future. Call us today for a consultation.