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Cybersecurity and Compliance Managed Security Services

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Advanced Security as a Service 

Secure Path increases your organizations security posture extending protection beyond what traditional IT delivers.  It accomplishes this through an advanced set of tools wrapped with expert services to monitor, detect, and block threats on premise, in Office 365 services, or public clouds and SaaS applications.  This enhanced detection and response capability with threat hunting reduces risk and minimizes potential damage from attacks. 
With these advanced tools, available services include:  
24/7/365 Security Operations Centers (SOC), watching your environment for threats and ready to take action day or night.  
Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) Services for strategic cybersecurity guidance, risk assessment, and management.
Vulnerability Management Services for continuous scanning, assessment, and dedicated remediation services.

    This automated scanning system identifies potential threats and sends alerts to designated departments and individuals.

    Improves response times and enhances the accuracy of attack-related reports.

    Identifies the most mission-critical risks and prioritizes them in accordance with the client’s needs.

    Accelerates applying software updates and automating patches to known vulnerabilities to mitigate cyber-attacks.

    Develops cybersecurity training policies covering phishing, email, social media threats, and social engineering scams for staff.

A Comprehensive Suite of Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions

Secure Path by CompassMSP helps create customized cybersecurity and compliance processes for companies seeking state and federal government agency contracts.

These policies will align with internationally recognized cybersecurity frameworks that meet insurance, vendor, and regulatory compliance standards: 

  • Incident response procedures
  • Acceptable use guidelines
  • Dynamic system and data protections
  • Risk assessment policy and procedure
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CMMC Specific

In addition to providing wide-ranging support for regulated industries, Secure Path is an invaluable tool that assists manufacturing companies in gaining Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC 2.0) by 2025, as required by DoD regulations.

CMMC also aligns with established NIST 800-171 frameworks and outlines standards that protect sensitive but unclassified data shared by the Department of Defense contractors/subcontractors. CMMC also ensures that federal contract information and controlled unclassified data are protected from persistent cybersecurity threats. 

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Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Services

Secure Path provides comprehensive vulnerability scanning and assessment protocols that identify incorrect system configurations and vulnerabilities on internal and external networks. These alerts are customized to detect company-specific vulnerabilities and focus on protecting the most critical and relevant data in real time. This 360-degree approach ensures that the correct department is identified and the proper remedies are applied to prevent such failures in the future.

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It's critically important for manufacturers to be for Industry 4.0, IIOT, big data, automation, cybersecurity, compliance regulations, and more. We empower manufacturing companies with tailored IT Managed Services designed to optimize operations, enhance security, and unlock new opportunities for growth.


Attorney has client obligations that can't wait. You need to be available for your clients, always. Let us handle the technology side while you focus on client service and the growth of your firm. Learn why so many law firms seek our expertise and innovative solutions. We help you focus on what matters mostL providing exceptional legal services to your clients.


Technology plays a critical role in managing workflows, controlling costs, and maximizing productivity in the construction industry. We understand that no two construction projects -- or companies -- are alike. That's why we work closely with you to assess your specific requirements build the right solution. The result: gains in productivity, efficiency, cost controls, and better project outcomes.


Sensitive financial data and stringent regulatory requirements make security and compliance of paramount importance in financial services. With compliance requirements in mind, our experienced team will implement robust cybersecurity measures and the right mix of services and support to safeguard your operations, and your reputation, so you can continue to earn your clients' trust.


In a highly competitive industry driven by data, efficiency, and customer-centricity, a robust IT infrastructure is not just a necessity—it's a competitive advantage. Our experts empower insurance companies like yours with tailored services designed to optimize operations, enhance security, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Keeping patient data secure and confidential while meeting regulatory requirements can be challenging. Technology should speed your staff's ability to provide care, not slow it down. Many healthcare organizations trust us to manage their IT, freeing their teams to focus on delivering better patient care.

Transportation & logistics

The Transportation and Logistics industries are defined by tight deadlines, complex supply chains, and ever-changing regulations. A robust IT infrastructure is essential for customer service and competitive advantage. We work with you as a strategic partner to navigate through the complexities. We help optimize your operations, improve efficiency, and drive profitability.


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The most valuable investment you can give your business is time. With AutoPilot, we help you invest your time where it’s needed most: on growing your business.

As your trusted partner leading your IT strategy and support, we make sure your technology is aligned with your objectives, keeping you on track to achieve success.

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Reduce Complexity and Increase Resiliency

If you're a CIO or IT manager looking for a partner to help assist you with your IT vision and initiatives, then our CoPilot IT support is the right choice for you.
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Cybersecurity and Compliance Services

Benefit from strategic cybersecurity guidance and advisory services that help to develop and implement effective cybersecurity strategies aligned with your goals. Navigate complex regulatory requirements effortlessly with compliance reporting and regulatory support.
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