As a business leader, your customers come first. Providing excellent service will help you grow their business and yours. Your company’s IT is crucial for delivering value, improving efficiency, and, literally, delivering on your promises to your customers.

As an IT leader, you’re tasked with supporting growth for the business strategically and operationally. Digital transformation, WFH, cyber security, compliance requirements – support for all of these seem to be accelerating.


…the IT function will need to forge a new role for itself based on its ability to deliver business resilience for the long term.

– “IT’s Changing Mandate in an Age of Disruption”, The Economist Intelligence Unit 

Wouldn’t it be a tremendous relief if you could just bring in an expert team to help you handle critical day-to-day operations, including tool sets, security, resiliency, and overall infrastructure?

CoPilot by CompassMSP is the partner and solution to help you get there.

We work with your team, as part of your team, to reduce complexity, manage infrastructure, keep tools up-to-date, and make sure your organization is prepared to meet ever-evolving compliance and security requirements, and more.

A CoPilot solution from CompassMSP will free up your IT team to work on Line of Business apps and solutions, while your CompassMSP CoPilot team focuses on infrastructure, upgrades, cyber, patching, backup, and more – so in combination, all IT operations run smoothly, securely, and reliably.


71% of CIOs and IT managers feel they are not maximizing their impact in their company. Most time is being spent on small, trivial issues instead of strategic initiatives.

With CoPilot, you get a team of highly skilled IT professionals who become part of your IT team.
We look after all the tools needed to run your business and make sure they’re always up to date so your operations can run securely and without interruption. CoPilot comes with remote management, so we’re always there with you, virtually and in person.

With CoPilot, you can quickly enable your IT team with a proactive partner, with the right skills, to deliver the right support. Life just got a little easier.

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