Addressing the Unique IT Challenges and Privacy Concerns at Law Firms

No one has time for a short recess when it comes to IT. Your team has client obligations that can’t wait. Let CompassMSP handle the technology side of the business, and stay focused on what matters most – the clients.

An Experienced Legal IT Solutions Partner for Your Law Firm

Applying over 25 years of experience working with law firms nationwide, we provide industry-specific IT solutions for accessibility, security, and support.

  • Accessibility – Access your data anytime, regardless of your location.
  • Security – Protect your sensitive data and thereby the reputation you’ve painstakingly built for your firm.
  • Support – Receive ongoing support to maintain productivity levels and plan for the future.

We work with law firms of all sizes to maintain their compliance with the ever-evolving local, state, and federal laws. Our understanding of the industry allows us to create appropriate security guidelines saving you time, frustrations, and possibly fines.

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Almost 44 percent of small law firms fail to budget for IT, despite over 60 percent of respondents acknowledging that IT is a pressing concern.

American Bar Association

Shift to a future outlook when it comes to your law firm’s IT with CompassMSP.

At CompassMSP, our approach is proactive. Constant 24/7 monitoring, iron-clad security, and the right practice management software are just three ways we work with our clients to tackle technical challenges and stay a step ahead of any issues. 

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