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Managed IT service and support that enhance productivity and ensures peace of mind for your manufacturing operations.

What we solve
  • Readiness for Industry 4.0, IIOT, big data, and automation
  • Customized cybersecurity and compliance services, including CMMC
  • Optimize operations and unlock opportunities for growth
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Solutions to help you focus on client service.

What we solve
  • Proven legal IT solutions, strategy, and planning services including disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Virtual CIOs, IT project managers, and legal technical consultants with deep legal expertise to help improve billing, operations, and client service
  • Cybersecurity and compliance services in line with industry requirements
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Our experts in IT and the construction deliver innovative solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

What we solve
  • Expert guidance controlling costs and managing workflows
  • Robust cybersecurity and compliance measures to protect against cyber threats, data breaches, and unauthorized access
  • Assess your specific requirements and tailor IT solutions to meet the needs of your projects to deliver better outcomes.
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Enhancing financial operations with advanced IT solutions.

What we solve
  • Streamlining financial processes for improved efficiency
  • Cybersecurity and data security to protect sensitive financial information
  • Providing IT Solutions in compliance with financial industry regulations
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We help insurance companies focus on their core business objectives while leveraging technology to drive growth, improve efficiency, and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

What we solve
  • We understand that protecting sensitive customer data and ensuring compliance with industry regulations are top priorities for insurance companies
  • We have the expertise to optimize your technology infrastructure and processes for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Our proactive approach helps minimize downtime and quickly resolve any issues that arise, keeping operations running smoothly.
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Elevating healthcare IT services to improve patient care.

What we solve
  • Technology to speed patient care
  • Ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA 
  • Implementing advanced cybersecurity measures to safeguard patient data
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Transportation and Logistics 

We help you manage tight deadlines, complex supply chains, and ever-changing regulations.

What we solve
  • Navigate through the complexities of changing market and regulatory dynamics
  • Build a robust infrastructure essential for customer service and competitive advantage. 
  • Help optimize your operations, improve efficiency, and drive profitability
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CompassMSP Managed Services


The most valuable investment you can give your business is time. With AutoPilot, we help you invest your time where it’s needed most: on growing your business.

As your trusted partner leading your IT strategy and support, we make sure your technology is aligned with your objectives, keeping you on track to achieve success.

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Reduce Complexity and Increase Resiliency

If you're a CIO or IT manager looking for a partner to help assist you with your IT vision and initiatives, then our CoPilot IT support is the right choice for you.
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Cybersecurity and Compliance Services

Benefit from strategic cybersecurity guidance and advisory services that help to develop and implement effective cybersecurity strategies aligned with your goals. Navigate complex regulatory requirements effortlessly with compliance reporting and regulatory support.
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We serve growing small to mid-sized businesses with office locations throughout the East Coast and Midwest, in Connecticut, New York, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Illinois. We offer best-of-class IT services designed to fit your needs. Find out how CompassMSP can boost your operations, improve your security, and more with our comprehensive IT managed, co-managed, and cybersecurity and compliance services.

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