How a co-managed services partner can make your next big project a breeze

Being strategic about how you leverage resources across the enterprise relating to technology can be a balancing act. Competing priorities and the need to curtail costs often cause projects to get sidetracked or stalled. You may have a robust internal team in place but still need outside talent to execute effectively. To do this, find a co-managed services partner. You’ll gain the resources you need on-demand to keep projects moving.

What does a co-managed service provider do?

A co-managed service provider is typically an IT firm that offers companies the ability to use their talent and resources for certain tasks or specific projects. For example, they may become your help desk so your internal IT team can focus on a project.

Or, you may need help to launch a new proprietary technology or implement an ERP (enterprise resource planning) platform or other application. Having this type of support could ease the challenges of implementation, as 66 percent of businesses have experienced operation disruption during ERP implementation.

It’s a flexible relationship that enables you to maximize the impact of IT on your business.

Why co-managed services are beneficial

With the right co-managed services partner, you can reap substantial benefits. Here’s why it’s a smart choice for your business.

Superior technology

When you work with a co-managed services provider, you’ll have access to the latest technology and the talent that knows how to use it. First, you can simplify upgrades on hardware and software and shift it to their plate.

Second, you can also tap their expertise when deciding to use a new application or technology, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud, or machine learning. The adoption of these technologies is at a high rate, with the cloud and IoT leading the way. To remain competitive, your organization will need to lean on co-managed services to make it possible.

Greater productivity

With a co-managed services partner, support services can now fall to this augmented team, leaving your internal staff to focus on high-value tasks. They get more done without the constant interruptions while your employees get the immediate support they need so they don’t suffer any downtime.

Enhanced security and compliance

Co-managed services help any organization strengthen its security protocols around data as well as ensure any compliance. Working with a third-party that understands all these requirements and has already achieved them keeps you protected.

Reduced overall IT costs

Using a co-managed services team when you need them helps decrease your total investment while still getting the support you need. You can benefit from a monthly flat fee or subscription cost and scale as needed when bigger projects demand more support.

The impact of co-managed service on big IT projects

Big IT projects can be painful and hard to deploy for several reasons. Every day that your project sits idle, you are incurring more costs and losing opportunities. Bottlenecks typically occur for two reasons: lack of resources or expertise. With a co-managed services partner, you can eliminate these and push forward to meet your deadlines and keep your budget in check. It’s the boost you need to make it from ideation to implementation.

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