High-Speed Internet

Up To 1000 Mbps

Why Make The Switch to Fiber?

Fiber internet is any internet access through fiber-optic lines. Unlike other connections, data is transferred using modulated light instead of electricity, which gives fiber much higher bandwidth capacity – hundreds of times faster than DSL, cable or wireless systems.

The demand for high-speed internet and increased bandwidth is on the rise, especially for SMBs. With fiber, businesses can experience faster upload and download speeds to meet the need for increased interactivity, collaboration, and data sharing.

How CompassMSP Can Help

CompassMSP is a leading provider of Enterprise-Quality Managed Services focused on the SMB Market. With a relationship-focused approach, we offer comprehensive solutions and support to meet your IT needs.

We can provide fiber-based internet for your business through our local infrastructure vendors. With speeds from 10Mb to 1Gbps, services can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Unlike local consumer connection services, our fiber internet product delivers dedicated bandwidth, ensuring that your business gets the most out of its bandwidth investment.

CompassMSP is committed to service excellence, delivering concierge level service and support and striving for wholly satisfied clients that become our advocates.


Consistent Uptime
Uptime and data transmission are very consistent and constant with fiber lines and switches. Fiber connectivity gives you the most reliable Internet service around.
Low Latency
Reduced latency leads to better voice quality while using VoIP features, and improves employee collaboration across locations.
Faster Upload/Download
With the fastest download speeds, businesses can increase productivity by sending and receiving data at equally fast speeds.

Ready for FASTER Internet Speeds?

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