the critical role of CompassMSP in your organization

You’re More than Just a Service Request

What Tech Do You Depend On?

I’ve spent a lot of time in medical facilities visiting a loved one for the past few weeks, and it’s reminded me of just how vital technology is to a modern business.

I use the example of a medical facility because it’s fresh in my mind, but every industry has the same reliance now. A nurse’s mobile cart that can’t connect to the WIFI or internet prevents looking up medication and scanning it to administer.

We Understand the Importance

It also reminds me of just how important it is for technology to be operating correctly and the critical role we have in the success of our client’s businesses. It’s not something we at Compass take lightly. We know that in some cases, there’s a patient’s life on the line, or at a minimum, the livelihood of a business that impacts many people.

These real-life scenarios are exactly why we’ve evolved our approach to technology over the years, not just in the software and tools we use but, in the teams, processes, and methodology we take to serve our clients. Our five-block approach of Strategic vCIO, Proactive Service, Reactive Service, Centralized Services, and Professional Services provides deep expertise within teams.

This approach also ensures systems are running optimally and issues are reduced to prevent frustrated users and lost productivity. To us, it’s not just a service request coming in; it’s about the person it’s affecting, the business that it’s disrupting and ensuring not just a prompt solution but a permanent one.

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