Windows 11: Flys Under the Radar

Windows 11: Flying Under the Radar

Windows, What? Oh, 11.

Did you miss the latest release, Windows 11? That’s really ok. The release of Windows 11 has come and gone without much fanfare. While this is the first numerical version release since Windows 10 in 2015, this version has snuck under the radar. As the year comes to an end, expect Windows 11 to be hyped up by PC manufacturers hoping to move more systems, but don’t be fooled – it’s nothing to write home about. They’ve changed the look of the desktop, and moved things around a bit, but there are no major enhancements for increased security or usability.

Microsoft is Shifting Focus

As technology insiders, it is clear that Microsoft is shifting focus on the majority of its development to cloud services and applications. While we were once tethered to a desk, cubicle, or corner office, we are no longer tied to our PC or a single location. The PC is no longer the center point of productivity.

Most applications and collaboration software aren’t happening on desktops or local servers. They have shifted to web-based applications such as Microsoft 365, Azure, or other vendors running through Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS). During the era of COVID-19, with more employees working remotely, our reliance on many of these apps has been crystal clear. Take Microsoft Teams as one of the biggest examples. This platform has released new features dozens of times (this year alone!)

CompassMSP Delivers Relevant Business Technology Insights

At CompassMSP, we always encourage our customers to pay attention to new trends, updates, and industry news – but it’s not always easy to tell what’s important and what’s relevant to you and your business. We always recommend waiting on new system releases until we know there aren’t any major red flags – and Windows 11 is no different. But the bottom line with Windows 11 is – there’s no fear of missing out – it’s just not that special.

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