VPNFilter Malware

Hackers have exploited vulnerabilities in a number of home routers allowing them to intercept the contents of traffic coming in and out of affected networks for things such as usernames and passwords. While our CompassComplete client’s business networks are safe from this type of exploit, your home router may not be. Because of this, we’re letting clients know what actions should be taken.

  1. Reboot your home router (this will only temporarily remove phases 2 and 3 of the exploit)
  2. Verify if you are using a known model that’s affected and if so, upgrade the firmware if available from the manufacturer or replace the router.
    1. Linksys E1200
    2. Linksys E2500
    3. Linksys WRVS4400N
    4. Mikrotik RouterOS for Cloud Core Routers: Versions 1016, 1036, and 1072
    5. Netgear DGN2200
    6. Netgear R6400
    7. Netgear R7000
    8. Netgear R8000
    9. Netgear WNR1000
    10. Netgear WNR2000
    11. QNAP TS251
    12. QNAP TS439 Pro
    13. Other QNAP NAS devices running QTS software
    14. TP-Link R600VPN
  3. As an alternative to checking the model and firmware you are using, consider utilizing your internet service providers WiFi option instead of self-managing a router.

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