Top IT Services for Law Firms In Miami

For your law firm to thrive and grow, you need a solid IT strategy. By focusing on the top IT services for law firms in Miami, you can reap many benefits, including greater productivity, enhanced security, and responsive support. Technology is always evolving, so it’s critical to stay up to date, for your business to leverage the right applications and be prepared for whatever the future may bring.

Moving to the cloud

Adopting a cloud computing infrastructure is a must IT solution for law firms. Using the cloud is secure and improves accessibility and efficiency. Now your team can work from anywhere, which is a necessary essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. When your team can access the same documents and applications remotely, this improves productivity. This flexibility can lead to more billable hours, since being in the office isn’t required.

The cloud improves collaboration efforts as well. Your staff can share and edit documents that all live in the same hub. Being in the same physical space is no longer a roadblock.

Adoption to the cloud has been steady for most applications in the field, according to the 2019 International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) survey. One segment with low deployment is document management (DMS), with only 25% currently using the cloud for it. This insight denotes that there is still much opportunity to simplify operations with the cloud.

Data security

Any business must deal with the risk of data breaches. Law firms handle a large amount of personal and confidential information that must be protected. Unfortunately, many firms aren’t using enough cybersecurity tools. According to a 2019 American Bar Association (ABA) report, only 46.1% of firms use file encryption. The tools most used were spam filters at 86.9% and anti-spyware at 80.3%.

There are opportunities to expand your security protocols. Best practices suggest the use of multiple layers of security measures, including:

  • Encryption, which can protect data at rest and in transit
  • File backup to ensure business continuity should an incident occur
  • Password security to better protect access and thwart cybercriminals
  • Device security to include all internal components as well as BYOD (bring your own device) equipment

One way to bolster your security is to engage in an assessment of risk. Such an evaluation can identify the weaknesses in your network so that they can be addressed. Improving security practices is an ongoing practice, as new threats arise regularly.

IT support in Miami

The last critical part of IT solutions for law firms is having the right support for your team. If technology isn’t working properly, productivity can suffer. Many organizations have partnered with IT outsource providers to ensure they have responsive support. With such a partnership, you do not depend on internal resources to play the help desk role, enabling them to focus on the bigger picture of technology.

Specialized IT solutions for law firms in Miami

If you’re seeking to streamline your IT, then count on the experts at Compass MSP. We provide IT support in Miami and consulting to improve your operations. With our team working with you, your firm can grow without concerns that your IT isn’t sufficient. Contact us today to learn more about IT solutions for law firms.