business downtime

The Cost of Downtime in Business

Downtime is costly for all businesses, but it can deliver a particularly noticeable blow to small and mid-sized businesses. And the costs of downtime continue to rise. Learn how to prevent it.
Better IT. Better LIves.

Paul’s Perspective - Better IT. Better Lives.

At CompassMSP, we believe Better IT does equal Better Lives and through our daily actions, we’re making the world a better place through IT. Happy 2022!

Keeping Clear of Bad IT Practices

It’s not often we talk about the bad practices that exist. CISA, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency just started a bad practices list. This one is as simple as it gets with just two items at present time.
Tarrytech joins CompassMSP

CompassMSP expands to New York with acquisition of Tarrytech Computer Consultants

The New York metro managed IT services provider was acquired as part of CompassMSP’s strategic initiative to meet the needs of current and new clients in the tri-state region.
Managed Services

Managed vs. Co-Managed IT

Outsourcing IT support can be highly beneficial to all organizations, cutting costs and improving operations and bolstering cybersecurity. Organizations may choose either managed or co-managed IT support services, each with their own pros and cons.

The 3 core components of a future-proofed cybersecurity strategy

There's no denying that cybersecurity is important for all businesses. If you feel as though you're doing your best, can you be sure that it's future-proof? By focusing on three key areas, you could save yourself from a serious attack and reduce your business risk.

4 benefits of augmenting your in-house IT team with managed services

When your current IT staff could do with a little extra assistance, you need to augment their efforts with managed IT services. From tapping into expertise to the flexibility of using a managed services provider, here are four key benefits to consider.

CompassMSP Ranked as a Top Solution Provider

JACKSONVILLE, FL, March 27, 2018– CompassMSP is proud to announce…