caught in a social Engineering attack

Social Engineering: Everything You Need to Know

What is one of the fastest-growing cyberthreats? Social engineering attacks. In today's post, we will look at four different types of social engineering attacks. Then, you’ll learn how to avoid falling victim to them.
Windows Shortcuts

Our Favorite Microsoft Windows Shortcuts

We’ve asked our incredible staff what shortcuts their favorites are. With help from our CEO, Ari Santiago, to our support techs, we compiled a list of some stellar Windows shortcuts.
how to spot a phishing email

How to Identify a Phishing Email (with 3 Examples)

Learn how to identify a phishing email and what to do once that phishing email is in your inbox.

Paul's Perspective - New Year, New Scams

As we see the complexity of fraudulent activity continue to escalate, remember that our team at CompassMSP are here to answer your questions and assist you in the tireless work of keeping your organization safe.
How to Use Microsoft Teams Chat

How to Use Chat in Microsoft Teams

Whether you want to chat with your entire team or have a private conversation with someone, Microsoft Teams can make it happen. Learn how to do it all in this article.
Better IT. Better LIves.

Paul’s Perspective - Better IT. Better Lives.

At CompassMSP, we believe Better IT does equal Better Lives and through our daily actions, we’re making the world a better place through IT. Happy 2022!
Cybersecurity awareness training class

How to Educate Employees in Cybersecurity

Learn how to better educate your employees by implementing cybersecurity awareness training
Cybersecurity SMB 2022

How SMBs can Improve their Cybersecurity in 2022

SMBs can improve their overall cybersecurity posture and take the target off their backs. Learn to strengthen your defenses in 2022
cybersecurity holiday shopping tips

Online Holiday Shopping Cybersecurity Tips

During the holiday season, hackers will try their best to steal from you. Don’t let these criminals dampen your holiday fun. Here are our top online shopping cybersecurity tips.
closing the technology gap over time

Closing the Technology Gap with Confidence and Patience

Walking someone through technology issues as if they are family can help someone regain their confidence, increase their productivity and efficiency, and help them stay on top of their game.