Systems Freezing

Systems Freezing? We know it’s been cold outside, but that doesn’t mean your systems should be freezing up!

If you’ve used computers long enough, you probably know this story well. It works fine, then suddenly, it freezes up with no apparent reason. The problem may go away with tricks you’ve learned like restarting the application, but that’s not always the case if it’s a problem with the network or server. How do you know what really causes the issue? This is where proactive monitoring and management of your critical IT systems can help.

Many companies rely on technology to perform critical business functions. When performing properly these systems increase productivity, but when things aren’t running smoothly, it can result in costly downtime, end user frustration, and can give your customers the wrong impression of your business. Lack of proper end-to-end monitoring prevents you from understanding where the problem is, oftentimes leading to time and money being spent fixing the wrong thing. Without monitoring, these systems can reach a point where they are no longer stable, leading to degradation in performance or even downtime.

Proactive monitoring and management can eliminate downtime and provide businesses with an in-depth view of how their systems are performing for customers and employees. Monitoring allows for real time alerts from indicators of a problems, allowing them to be addressed before they become an issue.

If your concerned that your systems aren’t running at peak efficiency give us a call. Our Managed IT Service offering includes proactive monitoring and management that will give you confidence that critical business systems are always available and running at peak performance.