Staying Safe with Technology and Home Defense

There’s no such thing as a safe neighborhood online.

If I asked you to think of the worst neighborhood in your city and whether you’d feel safe living there with just a simple lock on doors and windows, what would you tell me?  What if it was not just the worst neighborhood in your city, but the whole country?  Now, what if I said you lived in the riskiest country, and in the riskiest place for violence.  How would you react to protect yourself?

You may say, I’d move to a safer place, I’d make sure I had the best locks, I’d start a neighborhood watch, I’d put in a security system to tell when someone intrudes, I’d pay someone to monitor that system 24/7, I’d have self-defense measures, I’d make sure my family has a plan and I’d know to call 911 immediately if something was happening.  That’s all perfectly acceptable and great to do.

Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats

Now think about how you can do that for your business when it comes to cyber threats.  Your business is on the internet 24/7/365 and there’s no such thing as a good neighborhood.  You are instantly connected to every seedy location, in the worst areas of the worst countries, with the most unscrupulous threat actors and cybercriminals the world knows.

There’s no corner of the internet, good neighborhood, or safe street to move to.  There’s no way to start a neighborhood watch to get to know your internet neighbors because there are approximately 50 billion connected devices in 2020 and they are all your neighbors.

Lock the Doors

Most businesses have the equivalent of locks in the form of basic firewalls; however much like locks can be picked and doors broken down, firewalls let threats in because they are hidden in everyday websites, emails, and links that look like legitimate data and can’t be blocked and still function in a connected world.

The truth of the matter is most businesses stop at the measures above while there have been many advancements in technology and services that are effective at reducing the risks from cyber threats.  Many of the firewalls deployed are older and don’t have as many advanced inspection and mitigation technologies as are available in newer generations of the products.

In an ever-changing technology world, even a 3-year-old device may be lacking protections available now.  Upgrading to a more effective firewall along with layered security services protecting endpoints anywhere they are gives you the best locks for your business.

Arm the Alarm Systems

Next is on to alarm systems.  Just like systems and services for your home, there are software packages designed to look for intrusions, combine data for correlation, and detect indicators of suspicious activity or compromise within a business’s computer systems.  These managed services are like having a security company actively monitor your alarm system 24/7.

These security operations centers have highly trained and specialized engineers capable of responding immediately to a threat to isolate a system to prevent the spread of ransomware and viruses or stop the leak of sensitive data.  We’ve all seen movies where an art thief tries to escape and steel doors or cages drop down to isolate the criminals.  Having that immediate reaction and incident response with steel doors is key to reducing damages both in a fictional story and in real life when ransomware attacks a system or criminals are exfiltrating data.

Ready to Update Your Technology for Increased Protection?

So just because the internet is a dump, it doesn’t mean we can’t better protect what’s connected to it and reduce the risk we face in our businesses by embracing updated technology and services to keep safe.  Compass is constantly evaluating the risks we all face and adjusting our AutoPilot and Security Service plans to best protect our clients.