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Reducing Ransomware Risk Through Awareness

A Good Investment

I’d like to present a chart of growth and ask if you’d invest in a company that had these figures:

growth chart

If so, you’re not alone.

The problem is, this chart is not the revenue of a company, but Ransomware Growth by Quarter as Published in SonicWall’s mid-year security report. It’s clear threat actors, which are highly organized operations with all the same dedicated resources you’d find in a traditional business, are making investments in their ability to expand ransomware into your business. They’re making investments in new ways to trick users, new techniques to evade legacy technology, and hitting pay dirt around every corner. There’s no reason for them to stop when they see the positive results of their actions.

Develop & Maintain Resilient Cybersecurity Standards

Our goal is not just to invest in defenses because studies show that throwing money at the problem doesn’t fix it. It’s to create an environment of continuous improvement by developing and maintaining resilient cybersecurity standards for our clients, driving security adoption, and reducing risk through awareness. Awareness is key because if you don’t know the investments that are being made against you, it’s hard to justify changing what’s in place and what requires your attention and valuable time to make it a priority in your business.

More Than Meets the Eye

Another issue is ransomware operators are not just encrypting data; they’re also stealing data and extorting victims. Many companies who would have otherwise restored from backup may think twice about allowing their clients’ data to be exposed.

It’s charts like these that should serve as a reminder that technology has good, and bad sides and in both cases, it continually evolves. We must stay vigilant and be willing to evolve our strategies to deal with it.


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