pauls perspective - business internet services

Psst…your Internet provider is keeping secrets.

Not many things in life decrease in price. Inflation creeps into just about every consumer purchase and, as the years go by, it can drastically change the price of goods and services.  But, do you want to know an industry secret?

Internet service providers won’t be quick to tell you this, but one item has defied the trend of increasing prices: business internet services.

Why have business internet service rates decreased?

It’s primarily because of new technology which has enabled much higher speeds and reliability, allowing it to leapfrog older technology. Fiber has become ubiquitous in most metropolitan areas and has ushered in competition in the marketplace for your internet service.  Ultra-fast, reliable fiber connections were once unobtainable for many businesses because of their high price.  Now, speeds of five to ten times faster are sometimes available for the same price as your last internet agreement!

If it’s been more than two or three years since you last signed your Internet agreement, chances are you can either get more for less with the same type of service, or upgrade from cable to fiber and see drastic improvements in speed and reliability.

Reach out and we can do the legwork to get competitive quotes on your behalf from providers that have service at your office locations. Then we’ll review the options with you so you can make an informed decision.