Microsoft Business Solutions

Microsoft-Certified Business Solutions

As a leader in the software industry, Microsoft is well-known for providing quality products and solutions for small businesses. As Microsoft-certified resellers, CompassMSP offers products and services tailored to our client’s needs.

Quality software and hardware is often the driving force behind a productive workforce. Microsoft has been providing solutions for business owners around the world for more than 40 years. With offices across Florida, CompassMSP has been providing these solutions to clients for years. Just like Microsoft, we want to see your business reach its full potential, and we can provide you with the tools to make that happen.

Members of the Microsoft Partner Network are certified to provide your business with:

Software and Hardware – gain access to tools like Microsoft Office 365, and the necessary hardware to back it up.
Mobile Devices – take advantage of mobile tablets like the Surface Pro 3 and phones like the latest Nokia Lumia phones running the latest Windows software and operating systems.

Online Applications and the Cloud – Whether you need to access your files on-the-go with Microsoft OneDrive, or in-house with Office 365, CompassMSP can provide your business with the tools you need to jump-start your business.

The Latest Microsoft Software and Hardware

Stay current with the latest Windows operating systems and software to gain a competitive advantage and boost productivity. Whether you are looking to update your Windows operating system or start new,  CompassMSP has a wide-range of solutions for your business. Our experienced team of IT professionals can help your business decide what’s best for your organziation.

Upgrade from Windows XP for maximum system and network security and leverage the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. CompassMSP can also help you use Windows Servers to virtualize your business and data center needs.

Mobile Access

Keep Momentum Rolling with Microsoft’s Mobile Device Solutions

Enable a mobile workforce with mobile devices from Microsoft. CompassMSP can help you boost productivity from anywhere, anytime. Microsoft offers several solutions that can help you be productive while you’re out of the office, including tablets and phones – all with the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

With Microsoft’s Surface brand of tablets, you can perform many tasks just as well as you could on a desktop, such as checking your email, web browsing, and more. With the power of Nokia’s mobile phone technology and Windows 8.1 Phone operating system, you can take advantage of both recreational and productivity-increasing applications while staying flexible and mobile.

 Access Information Anywhere with Online Applications & Cloud Services

Access your information and store it within a secure cloud using Microsoft’s online applications and cloud storage solutions.
CompassMSP can provide you with cloud storage and access to online applications. You can access your files securely online by using Microsoft OneDrive, as well as collaborate in real time with Microsoft SharePoint.


With access to applications such as Microsoft OneDrive, you can do everything online that you could do in-office on your desktop, including Microsoft Office programs:

  • Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • OneNote

You can easily create, edit and share text documents, build charts, spreadsheets and slideshow presentations.


Microsoft SharePoint keeps your business organized with a centralized site for your team to communicate and collaborate on group projects. SharePoint is easier to use, and provides a central location for information.

Want to learn more?

Learn how your business can access your information and store it within a secure cloud using Microsoft's online applications and cloud storage solutions. Our Microsoft-certified IT engineers will help you decide if it's a good fit for your organization and ensure that your business reaches unprecedented success.