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How are Manufacturing Companies In New Jersey and Around the Nation Benefiting from Managed IT Services?

In today’s hyper-competitive and technology-driven manufacturing industry, things move fast. They can also break fast too, with downtime costing manufactures multiples in the billions of dollars each year. Even small hiccups can turn an otherwise profitable manufacturing run into a loss on the books.

While some margin of error is to be expected, such as unintentional employee error or scheduled routine maintenance of equipment, other areas, such as IT management and infrastructure can be effectively controlled.

IT systems are a vital component of most manufacturing operations in New Jersey and around the world. Reliable, stable, scalable and secure IT infrastructure directly translates to improved efficiency, reduced costs, elimination of technology-related downtime, and consistent achievement of production goals. Yet for many manufacturing companies, they lack the internal talent and resources necessary to effectively manage IT without it taking a considerable drain on resources.

Outsourcing Managed IT Solutions for Manufacturing

For many manufacturing companies, outsourcing the heavy lifting of IT management to companies in New Jersey such as Compass MSP makes the most sense. Doing to taps into a specialized talent pool of IT engineers, security experts, and IT managers hyper-focused on helping companies get the most out of their manufacturing efforts.

Compass MSP’s dedicated manufacturing IT teams work to identify and implement a tailored mix of networks, hardware, software and world-class support to meet each client’s unique needs, budget, goals and expectations.

Technology: the modern profit-catalyst

In 2020 and beyond, manufacturing technology and IT infrastructure provides a serious competitive advantage, leveraging artificial intelligence, custom algorithms, machine learning, data analysis, and real-time insights into production. All of which result in improved operations, enhanced efficiency, and optimized production.

The Role of an Outsourced Managed IT Service

Manufacturing IT specialists work as an extension of the client’s own departments, reviewing processes against optimization measures, performance benchmarks, regulatory guidelines and more. From this data, managed IT providers can develop customized solutions to ensure operations run at peak capability while reducing the risk of downtime and other bottlenecks.

Managed IT Partners Offer Benefits Including:

  • Dedicated professional team of IT professionals
  • Expert evaluation of systems to identify priorities, bottlenecks, and opportunities
  • Strategic consulting on how to leverage technology to hit KPIs and reach goals
  • A proactive approach to operational efficiency and reliability
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Threat assessment and cybersecurity implementation
  • Real-time identification of issues and performance mitigation
  • Risk reduction
  • Data retention and backups

Cybersecurity and Heading off Emerging Threats

Cybersecurity is an increasingly important aspect of operations for manufacturing facilities. Malicious actors leverage the same technology that powers operations to target vulnerabilities and exploit weaknesses in IT infrastructure, the results of which can be catastrophic.

The manufacturing industry is unique, bringing together a trifecta of enterprise networks (IT), intellectual property (IP), and an industrial network, the likes of which make the threat landscape for manufacturers complex and nuanced. This convergence of technological frameworks makes manufacturers increasingly susceptible to cyberthreats.

According to a Deloitte and MAPI study aimed at assessing emerging security trends in the manufacturing industry, around 40% of manufacturers surveyed reported being impacted by cyber breaches or malicious attacks over the last year, with 38% reporting damages in excess of $1 million. Managed IT services offer a shield against such threats, proactively taking a defensive posture, evaluating networks and systems for vulnerabilities and protecting assets.

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