How to Use Microsoft Teams Chat

How to Use Chat in Microsoft Teams

Since the coronavirus outbreak, remote work has become more popular than ever. When managing an out-of-office team, communication is paramount.

One of our favorite remote tools at CompassMSP is Microsoft Teams. It is a robust platform that helps you connect and collaborate with teammates. Because of all its functionalities, many organizations use Microsoft Teams beyond just standard video meetings.

Today, we’re going to highlight the chat feature and how to use it. Whether you want to chat with your entire team or have a private conversation with someone, Microsoft Teams can make it happen.

How to Start a Private Chat in Microsoft Teams

  1. Click on Chat in the left-hand menu of the Teams application.
  2. Click on the New Chat icon in the upper toolbar. The icon is of a pen with paper.
  3. Type the name of the person(s) you wish to start the Chat with in the upper To section. The team member’s name and profile will begin to populate. To chat with that member, just select their name. And FYI, you can have a private chat with multiple people.
  4. Lastly, type your message in the message box below and click Send icon.
  5. Once you start a new chat, it will appear under Recent in the Chat menu. You can access active conversations at any time from the Chat menu. To view one, click on any thread to open it.

Private Chat in Teams
How to Make a Message Urgent

  1. Got an important message to send? You can flag it. First, write your message, but don’t click send.
  2. Click on the Set Delivery Options button. It appears as a “!” symbol underneath the message box.
  3. Select from the options available.
  4. Lastly, send your message.

Urgent Message in Teams
How to Send an Attachment in Chat

  1. To send an attachment in Chat, go to the message box at the bottom.
  2. Click on the Attach Files icon. The icon looks like a paperclip.
  3. Upload the attachment from either your OneDrive or computer.
  4. You can send the attachment by itself or with a message. When you are ready, click the Send button.

send a file in teams
How to Find a Sent Message Attachment

  1. To find an attachment, go to the chat where the file was attached. Remember, you can view all previous chats under the Chat menu.
  2. Go to the top toolbar and click on Files.
  3. Find the attachment you are looking for and click on it.

Files in Microsoft Teams
How to Chat in a Channel in Microsoft Teams

Channels in Microsoft Teams have dedicated places for different projects, departments, or topics. When you post something on a channel, it is available for everyone to see. Here’s how to use to Channel function:

  1. Click on Teams in the left navigation bar.
  2. You will see a list of Channels underneath Your teams. Go to the Channel you want to chat in.
  3. To start a new conversation in the Channel, go to the button and click on New conversation.
  4. Enter in your message and click send.

using channels in Microsoft Teams
How to Reply in a Channel Chat

  1. To send a reply to a teammate’s Channel message, simply click on Reply.
  2. Type and send your message as usual.

how to reply in Teams
How to Callout (or Tag) a Team Member in Channel Chat

  1. If your Channel message needs the attention of a particular teammate, you can tag them. In the message box, simply type @ and start writing their name.
  2. Click on your teammate’s name.
  3. Type and send your message as usual.
  4. Once you send your message, the @ person will get a notification.

How to call out team member
More Helpful Microsoft Teams Tips

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As always, if you have any questions about Microsoft Teams, please reach out to a member of the CompassMSP team!