closing the technology gap over time

Closing the Technology Gap with Confidence and Patience

Bridging the Technology Gap – A Thanksgiving Story

During the Thanksgiving holiday many of us were unable to bring the whole family together because of COVID-19 and the risk to immunocompromised family members. Yet, despite these challenges, families still gathered via Zoom for a moment of connection.

And thinking about it – the process seemed less painful and, dare we say, easy to get everyone on the video call this year. Yes, it appears that we’ve witnessed a HUGE improvement. Back in 2020, grandparents needed help from the grandchildren just to get things working. This year showed tremendous progress and learning as family members in their 70s were the ones showing off their favorite filters to the kids!

This natural path to comfort with technology reminds us at CompassMSP of what we have witnessed with business technology over the years. In the beginning, many users are timid and unsure how to use their new computer. Often, updated software or a new dashboard, CRM, or ERP system can generate a lot of resistance! But, soon enough, it becomes part of the routine, and teams can’t imagine how they ever lived without it.

At CompassMSP, we’ve also observed how walking someone through technology issues and treating them like a family member can help someone gain confidence, increase productivity and efficiency, and help them stay on top of their game.

We all know that the pace of technology is increasing rapidly, but we will always need patient teachers to help bridge the gap from the unknown to mastery. Those qualities are the same that we aspire to find in our teams and colleagues that support you at CompassMSP.


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