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Choose the Best Video-Conferencing Solution for your Organization

Many organizations have become completely dependent on video-conferencing. Now is a good time to assess whether you chose the right product! Maybe you chose a product quickly when you switched to a work-from-home or partial work-from-home setup. Now you might find it’s not entirely meeting your needs.

You have options and shouldn’t simply settle with your first video conferencing solution decision!

Below, we have created a checklist to help you outline your video-conferencing needs. We want to help you make a good decision so put together a list. It doesn’t include all the pro’s and cons but it’s a great start.

Once you have filled out this checklist, reach out to us for a solution based on your requirements, or use the links further below to conduct your own research.

Your video conferencing setup needs a checklist

I need…:

▢ A free conferencing solution or I have a budget of ________

▢ To meet with a maximum of ___ participants at a time (some apps have a limit on the number of participants)

▢ To be able to see  ____ number of participants at one time (each platform has a limit to the video feeds you can see at one time)

▢ To be able to meet for a maximum of ______ minutes (some free versions of videoconferencing apps have time limits)

▢ Screen-sharing capability

▢ Shared control (the ability to allow someone else to either share their screen or to control the mouse on the host’s screen)

▢ Dial-in phone access (in case of poor or no internet connectivity)

▢ To be able to have the host control participants’ voice and video feeds

▢ The ability to create break-out sessions or separate meeting rooms during a call

▢ HIPAA Compliance

▢ High level of security

▢ Recording capability

▢ MS Outlook integration for scheduling

▢ Application integration for seamless importing (like Powerpoint)

▢ Mobile device app for attending on-the-go

▢ Closed captioning

▢ Customized or blurred backgrounds

▢ The ability to restrict attendance to an organization (internal) participants only

▢ The ability to invite external participants (for internal systems)

▢ File collaboration capability (during the meeting)

▢ File collaboration capability (before/after meeting as well as during)

Now that you know your needs, reach out to us for a suggestion based on your requirements or do some research on the following sites: