Project Summary

Harcum College
Dental Hygiene Program


750 Montgomery Ave.
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-3476
Melville Hall, Room 320


1. Antiquated technology compared with modern dental hygiene facilities.

2. A manpower deficit that resulted in the inability of the onsite IT department to meet the needs of the department.

3. The lack of a comprehensive dental practice management system on site.

4. The lack of computing resources to facilitate the technological growth the department needed to implement new systems.

5. The integration of new hardware and software to improve educational capabilities.

Harcum College’s Dental Hygiene program was searching for an outside vendor to renovate the Dental Hygiene department’s IT infrastructure to unify the operations between two on-campus facilities. After a full assessment of the project was completed, CompassMSP ascertained that in order to complete the work Harcum College required, a phased approach would have to be implemented in order for the college to secure the funding necessary to complete the renovation.

A panel made up of the dental hygiene department’s administrators and the college’s IT administrators took several competing bids from contractors. CompassMSP ultimately won the bid by designing a proposal that would allow the project to meet the college’s specifications. “We are not just a college. We are a functioning clinical facility,” Dental Hygiene Program Director Jane Byrnes-Ziegler said. “We have 16 chairs, plus three radiology areas, and 20 faculty members, so we needed someone in there to understand how this project could be managed properly and smoothly.”

CompassMSP has since completed this endeavor by installing a base network, server, and workstation infrastructure in the Hygiene building, while removing parts of their current IT infrastructure and consolidating others. CompassMSP also made plans to implement Dentrix Core Practice Management software, Dexis dental imaging software, and a 2D Gendex Panoramic X-ray Unit.

Adjustments Made in Phase One

CompassMSP removed the server rack that was located in the hallway of the Hygiene building and installed the new server rack in the faculty room. CompassMSP subcontracted the wiring of the project to Czarstar Security. New wiring was run to that location. The Raxxess Universal Rack Shelf that was installed can facilitate any infrastructure growth the college deems necessary going forward.

A Sonicwall Firewall was installed in the academic building, resulting in a dedicated Internet connection being wired to the main building.

The single server that acts like a domain controller, application server, and file server has been installed in the Hygiene building rack. The Dell PowerSaver R520 was chosen to facilitate the computing needs of the department.

To ensure uptime and data redundancy, CompassMSP installed a Backup Disaster and Recovery Unit (BDRU) on the server rack in the Hygiene building. The Dell PowerEdge R720cd Backup and Disaster Recovery Unit was selected as a comprehensive solution for the department’s data redundancy needs. This particular unit also provides a local repository for backup storage as well as integrating controls for the replication of data for offsite backup to the Compass Cloud.

On the server, CompassMSP has installed the latest version of Dentrix Core, providing students and faculty access to the the Dentrix Line of dental business software. The Dexis imaging suite has been integrated into Dentrix through the patient chart module. The Dentrix Core software that has been configured has a provider limit of 999 providers. The database limit of Dentrix Core is 50 functional simultaneous connections; however, 35 simultaneous users is a more ideal limit to maintain the speed and performance users expect.

The Dexis imaging software has been installed on the server in order to provide users access to the Dexis digital radiography imaging suite. The Gendex Pan panoramic X-Ray unit will then be configured to allow for digital images to be accessed directly from Dexis.

Compass installed 22 Dell workstations in the Hygiene building.

CompassMSP will configure the NetOp Vision Pro software on the laptop and student workstations to give Harcum the ability to share and monitor content.

CompassMSP installed three printers on the network; two black and white and one color.

In addition to the hardware overhaul, Compass will be charged with the monitoring, management, and maintenance of the entire Dental Hygiene department’s IT infrastructure. In doing so, the department can take the strain off the college’s IT department, providing value by ensuring systems are functioning properly and all crucial data is secure and redundant.

With Phase I’s completion, Harcum College’s Dental Hygiene department has been able to significantly contemporize their information technology. They’ve accomplished this with CompassMSP’s proficiency in finding solutions that work for organizations that rely on their information technology. As a result of CompassMSP’s professional technology implementation solutions, Harcum College has been able to turn what was an antiquated training and walk-in facility into a facility that is equipped with the technology one would find at a professional dental practice. These advanced technology solutions will allow the department’s faculty to better represent scenarios students will experience in the field, creating more knowledgeable and industry-ready dental hygienists.

The project also provides the college room for departmental growth. By rewiring the Hygiene building and strategically placing computers in locations that best work for the department, faculty will have enhanced multimedia capabilities available to help them provide the education their students need to successfully complete the dental hygiene curriculum.

In addition to the educational components of the project, Harcum now has in place a server that is exponentially more equipped for their needs, as well as a backup and recovery system that will present the department with the data redundancy that is essential if some component of their infrastructure fails. They will benefit from the scalability of their new technology. If the department needs more space or more processing power to store compute, the solution CompassMSP has put in place will provide them an avenue to respond to the deficit quickly and with little-to-no downtime.