Project Summary


Certified Public Accountants

Coral Gables, FL


GEMRT is a high-quality financial and management services company with more than 20 years of experience helping clients achieve growth.

Executive Summary

GEMRT deploys the experience and expertise of their talented team of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and professional staff to help their clients achieve their financial dreams and goals. Their team relies heavily on technology to operate. From their remote capabilities and custom software, technology plays a critical role in their success. As a CPA firm, GEMRT’s clients pay for their services in time increments which means inefficiencies could result in overbilling, and unhappy clients. Technology-related downtime could be costly and detrimental to their firm.

The Challenge

GEMRT was experiencing persistent downtime due to unreliable internet service resulting in decreased productivity, specifically in their Outsourcing department.

“Before CompassMSP introduced us to fiber internet, we were experiencing issues with our broadband connection. In fact, our poor internet connection really affected our Outsourcing Department. They were really suffering because they weren’t able to perform their jobs efficiently. Once we were on fiber, their productivity increased significantly, and their frustrations were eliminated.”

They also use custom software that’s critical to their day-to-day operations. Prior to working with CompassMSP, software updates were unpredictable and would occur without notice which would bring operations to a halt. Based on the nature of their work, downtime for GEMRT costs up to $9,000 per hour.

The nature of their work required them to move back and forth between programs. With single monitor workstations, switching programs was not as seamless as it could be with a dual-monitor workstation.

The Solution

CompassMSP installed a secure and reliable fiber data connection that drastically improved productivity, especially for the outsourcing department;

The CompassMSP engineers created a workflow that notifies engineer of updates ahead of time so that the engineer can schedule and perform the update after hours, so it doesn’t disrupt business hours.

CompassMSP installs dual-monitor workstations that enabled GEMRT to seamlessly move between programs and compare across two monitors as opposed to one. This boosted productivity and improved their overall process.

The Results

Through improving their data connection, GEMRT has been able to work more efficiently without downtime and interruption due to unreliable internet. They’re also considering adding a VoIP phone system.

Scheduling updates after hours allowed them to focus on their daily operations without interruptions and enjoy peace of mind that CompassMSP is working behind the scenes to ensure their software is running smoothly and remains up to date.

Dual-monitor workstations enabled GEMRT to easily navigate between programs and cross-referenced across two screens as opposed to only one.

“They’re very proactive, and make recommendations to keep us current. We love the fact that instead of having 1 person who manages our IT, we have a whole team of professionals that know our business and can easily help us.”

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