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Keeping Clear of Bad IT Practices

It’s not often we talk about the bad practices that exist. CISA, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency just started a bad practices list. This one is as simple as it gets with just two items at present time.

How to Highlight a Speaker in MS Teams

If you’ve ever been on a Teams call with more than one person, you’ve probably noticed that it can be difficult to focus on the main speaker. Teams has two tools that can help with this, the Pin and Spotlight features.

The Secret to Cybersecurity

Recently, I was conversing with former FBI agent and author of The Secret to Cyber Security, Scott Augenbaum, after a virtual conference. We discussed the wave of ransomware and breaches being seen.  One thing we both agreed upon is that a large percentage of those attacks could have been prevented. While some are very sophisticated […]

The Biggest Risk to the US right now is

I was reading an article in a security publication a few weeks ago and was struck by the changing thoughts around big risks to businesses and the economy. During a recent speech by Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell he said “The world changes. The world evolves. And the risks change as well. And I would […]

Attracting Young Talent with Good Technology

Businesses that plan to survive and thrive for years to come understand they must attract younger employees—new teammates who can contribute ideas that your tenured, traditional employees may not have previously considered. Unfortunately, hiring the top young talent can be a challenge if your company doesn’t appeal to the right people. Technology may be the […]

CompassMSP Announces Addition of Three Accomplished Leaders to its Board of Managers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: West Hartford, CT, May 19, 2021 – CompassMSP, LLC (“Compass”), a leading managed service provider with locations along the eastern seaboard and Midwest US, announced the appointment of Colin Cooper, former CEO of Whitcraft; Todd Fredrick, COO of Lease Accelerator; and Gary Pica, Founder and President of TruMethods. These three visionary and […]